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A Step in The Right Direction 

An update on my third week working for L. Michelle 

by Ezi Emenike 

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This past week working as an intern for L. MichelleMedia has been great. I feel as though I’m finally getting into the swing of things. Much of my work this week was spent trying to maintain a prominent social media presence for Dr. Yvette Mignon, while also expanding the accounts’ following. The LMichelleMedia Learning group started using a new app called Band to keep in touch with us. I love this app. It makes it easy to communicate with L. Michelle and let her know when I complete a task. All around, this week was good because I can really start to see some of my progress coming along. I hope to learn more professional techniques and knowledge about this field. I am beginning to grow a stronger sense of respect for content creators and social media influencers! It’s difficult to elevate a page from personal to professional, especially on platforms where everything seems subjective. It’s a challenge, but I am excited to tackle it. So my question is, how do we do this?