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Learners to Leaders

By: Jade Patterson

At L Michelle Media interns get the ability to work with one another, break through their creative boundaries, and learn how to operate different apps and gain behind the scenes media skills. With student staff being less than 10 people, it’s easier to get hands on experience and get your questions answered and your ideas heard. Michelle Salvant, entrepreneur and social media coach, was able to go one on one with each of her learners, including myself, every week throughout the 3 months of working with her. With weekly meetings and deadlines, learners get the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs, pick up new skills, and at the end of the internship -or experience-ship, as Michelle Salvant would say, feel empowered and ready to move media forward. Every learner’s experience is different in their own way.

Despite 2020 being a year of a global pandemic, Salvant was able to push her business forward by continuing her partnership with Snapchat and creating ‘The 20/20 Life Film’ that she created with the help of her glasses- more specifically her Snapchat glasses, that she uses to catch her moments in time. It was an enjoyable experience watching bits and pieces of Salvant’s life and moments of intellectual and emotional growth during her film.

The experience was very intrapersonal and has allowed me to become more comfortable and prepared to build connections in the work field. Salvant’s Fall 2020 learners wanted to share their testimony of how working with L Michelle Media has prepared them for their future in the Public Relations Industry.


Meet Daa’iyah Jones!

Greetings, I am Daa’iyah Jones, a third-year Business Administration student from Tampa, Florida. I currently attend the illustrious Florida A&M University and I am an apprentice for L Michelle Media. Working at Michelle Media has been great! I learned a lot about digital media, augmented reality, virtual reality, and immersive journaling. My favorite thing about it is that I can work one-on-one with Michelle rather than just work for her company. I started off as a summer intern, or as Michelle likes to call it, a learner. Now I am an apprentice working alongside Michelle for the 20/20 Life Film social media pages. The main project that I have been working on is designing and managing the 20/20 Life Film Instagram. I create the graphics using awesome photos and quotes from the actual 20/20 Life Film journal! This experience has helped me gain more knowledge in the media industry about how to visually inspire others. I want to eventually work in the entertainment, media, and film industries. I’m excited for what’s to come!



Meet Kasherah Reynolds!

Throughout my experience with L Michelle Media Company, I have found myself being challenged every week with various tasks. I currently create graphics for our Media Mondays and assist anywhere I’m needed as efficiently as I can. Although I am a Broadcast Journalism student focusing my career on News Producing, L Michelle has prepared me for my future in the Journalism industry by exposing me to various new ways to tell stories. Mrs. Salvant’s most recent project, ‘The 20/20 Life Film Immersive Journaling Series’, visually takes viewers through different everyday life experiences transforming them into an inspirational life film that will premiere each year for a decade. What I like most about this experience-ship are the connections and life lessons that will continuously be an asset to my career as a young journalist.



Meet Tykeem Mccray!

“Working for L Michelle Media has helped me to see how much really goes into event planning. I thought since ‘The 20/20 Life Film’ was a virtual event that it didn’t need any planning, but it did. I have learned how to be a self-starter and I enjoy the real Public Relations work that I’m doing.”


Meet Jerimiah Rogers!

Working for L Michelle Media has given me the chance to see the process that goes into making a film, from meetings to interviews. What I like most about the experience-ship is mainly the amount of exposure I’ve been getting. I am currently working on creating a short film with Mrs. Michelle.

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