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My first social media management meeting experience 

By: Nailah Harris

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This past Thursday I was given the opportunity to shadow a social media management meeting with L Michelle. L Michelle’s client, Impact Behavioral Health was in need of adjusting their social media into a community.

Giving me background of the facility, the director informed me that Impact Behavioral Health is owned by a Black female graduate from Hampton University. The facility treats anything from substance abuse, to pediatric practices. The staff was welcoming and provided lunch for our meeting.

Impact Behavioral Health is an integrated healthcare facility that helps individuals with life problems, emotional problems, and behavioral problems attain the best treatment and results given by the healthcare facility.

I am excited to work along with L Michelle Media to help IBH with their social media world. believe it is so important for businesses to be on social media and have an internet presence.

Attending my first actual social media management meeting gave me the chance to see how the process actually is to begin social media management.