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My First Week Working for LMichelleMedia

An update about my first week working as an intern for L. Michelle

by: Ezi Emenike

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Hello! My name is Ezi Emenike. I am a freshman majoring in Communications at the University of Southern California. This week, I started my virtual internship with L.MichelleMedia. Let me tell you, working with L. Michelle has already been such a fantastic experience. From our first meeting, I knew that this internship would give me an innovative look into future communication avenues that I am interested in pursuing. The first time we met, we had a rich conversation about branding for clients. I began by asking questions on how to gain and capitalize on your social media following. Although on the surface, it may seem that acquiring followers is the most important thing when transforming your client from socialite to influencer, L. quickly taught me that it's not about gaining followers but building a community. This is just a small example of how she has pushed me to think outside of the box and then apply these new skills when working on client profiles. L. and I have been bouncing ideas off of each other all week, mainly consisting of her giving me tasks while also granting me a lot of creative space to figure things out for myself. It's lovely to work under someone who trusts you. This is my first internship, and I have already learned so much from L. Michelle. I am so excited to learn more in the weeks to come.