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Day Visit at Wee Care Child Care

by: Stephanie Jenkins

Last week, I had the chance to share the VR Experience with the kids at Wee Care Child Care in Tallahassee. Mrs. Michelle, Chris, and I assisted children from ages 8-15 with activities we had planned for them that morning. We sectioned the activities into three parts, which was creating passports, the Google Expedition activity, and the VIVE Experience. My job was to introduce myself as the tour guide to the kids and help them create passports for the adventure they were about to explore in the next activity. The children were very creative and engaged in creating their own passports with stickers and crayons. They also wanted to save one for their parents which I thought was so cute. In the next activity, the students wore goggles to experience VR with Mrs. Michelle. These goggles took the kids on an adventure through nature, water, and animals. The kid’s gestures were filled with excitement. Lastly, everyone participated in the VIVE experience with Mr. Chris and enjoyed various activities, like diffusing a bomb. I think this activity was the most exciting for the kids as they worked as a team to complete their mission before the bomb exploded! As the day came towards an end, not only did they kids enjoy the activities but they also learned more about VR. I think LMichelleMedia achieved their mission at Wee Care, which is to used Media to Move You Forward.

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