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Meet and Greet Orientation

by: Stephanie Jenkins

The first meet and greet orientation for L. Michelle Media experienceship participants was a success! During orientation, everyone had the chance to introduce themselves individually for the first time. Throughout the meeting, Mrs. Michelle and her husband Chris introduced us to a 360 VR (virtual reality) camera and what it’s used for at their company. A VR 360 camera is a camera that captures videos and pictures in a 360-degree angle. The camera is great for filming movies, videos, and documentaries. L. Michelle Media has also partnered with Google to share their journey and experience with students and the new medium in technology. They also shared their latest project which was the Rattler Film. This film captured five minutes in the life of Florida A&M University Marching 100 Band. Each participant took turns watching the video through the VR goggles. Many of us were amazed how the VR camera made the film come to life, as if we were actually there. Towards the end of orientation, Mrs. Michelle gave us encouraging words moving forward with this journey and our careers.

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