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Drafting With Professionals

My first session of trial and error


By: Gianni Scales

As a new graphic designer, It’s one thing to practice in a classroom and study theoretical settings within your respective study, however it is a different feeling when all of what you’ve learned is applied in an actual setting. I found that out when drafting and discussing the vision of Mrs. Michelle and her company LMichelleMedia.

You see, Mrs. Michelle is working on an innovative way of telling a story and interacting with people. She intends to tell a story -her own story- exclusively through her Snapchat glasses. Her reasoning was very unique. She intends to inspire other to do the same. My task sounds very straightforward: Communicate her brands purpose to whoever will listen. Her purpose? Reflection.

However, execution is what makes the difference, and that’s what drafting is for. Rough sketches, extensive conversation, and mission statements are all hot topics when creating a design for a media outlet intent on reaching a wide audience. This all helps to create the best chance that the mission is accomplished successfully.

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The drafting phase is where you work out your kinks and see how many forms of communication can be expressed through design. Rough sketches are a must for me.

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I actually arrived to the meeting with a cover and a logo idea already done, however licensing may have been an obstacle for the images and ,unfortunately, it had to be scrapped. However, that’s the first step in making the best designs. Eliminate the faulty design and build towards the best designs.

So far, I’m enjoying the positivity and professional attitude of LMichelleMedia and the push for innovation in their own way. Next up is building an image for the future.