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We Learn By Doing

by Caleesha Moore 

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Week two is in the books. I had my first whole week of being a student partner which consists of working both Tuesday's and Thursday's.Tuesday's are the day that I work from home and after the first one, I realized I could do better moving forward. My Tuesday assignment was to watch the live stream of Made by Google and take a few notes. I was also assigned the task of creating a few graphics for social media for Teen Life.

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Thursday's are when L, Jessica and I all meet in the office. Just like last week, there was work that needed to be done. Today I got to help strategize and solidify our Social media on demand packages. The purpose was to meet clients where they are without compromising the integrity of the services provided. We also spoke with Cecil, another student partner working remote from Canada. 

As we got closer to the end of the work day I was able to have a full circle moment. I got to not only sit in on an interview of a prospective student partner, I got to share my input on their involvement. Needless to say, L does a great job with making her partners feel included and very at home with voicing creative and helpful opinions. It was pretty cool to see where I was sitting and watch her offer an opportunity that was given to me.

Well, thats all I have for this week.

Signing off for now,