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How LMichelle Media Helped Me Thrive

By Jessica Haley

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I believe it was May 4th. The day after I graduated, I got a call from a colleague named L who would soon be my first client as a business consultant. I hadn’t landed any full time offers yet and knew consulting would be a great way to spend my time applying everything I learned from my degree. So, when asked to look at the business, I couldn’t have been more excited.


Immediately I had a wide scope of responsibility from finances, operations, to human resources, and even marketing – everything really had me think back to what I had learn during class. Within 6 Months of working with the company, I was able to find the business an office space and help establish two major relationships with Snapchat and their production partner Media Monks. I found myself doing purposeful work that I could see make a direct impact on the company’s growth and operations. Knowing I could make a dynamic impact has really helped me grow both professionally and personally.


Working closely with a small business owner, you get to see the strength and courage they gather every day to get a little closer to making their dreams come true. It’s an inspiring thing to witness and really helps you bring all you have to the table so you can make their journey a little shorter!


I did not expect to make such a huge difference within the company. But looking back I’m so glad I agreed to work with LMichelle Media, I could have said no and dove waist deep into my job search. Talk about the amount of opportunities and contributions I would have missed!


My advice for people just like me who may have not started their careers the way they wanted to be to embrace the time and experiences you have while getting to where you want to be. Don’t skip over your friends and colleagues when you’re looking for opportunities to jump-start your career! And if you make the most out of your time, you’ll find that time will reward you and put you at a hand’s reach towards where you to be.