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Moore to come at L.MichelleMedia

by Caleesha Moore 

Hello, I am Caleesha Moore, the newest student partner at L. MichelleMedia. Last Thursday I had an interview with L.MichelleMedia and was welcomed to the team. I am a fourth-year broadcast journalism student at Florida A&M University. I chose to apply to for an internship with L and her company to expand my experience but her company chose me back after we had such great chemistry.

On my first day, I sat at the same table I interviewed at and got right to it. L introduced me to Trello, her list of clients and my assignments for the new week. I wouldn't be telling you the truth if I didn't tell you that it wasn't a lot to take in for a first day. 

Working while vibing to The Fugees

Over the next few days I will be working on several social media campaigns and taking in all that comes with being a new student partner. During my time here, I will be posting weekly and I am hoping me sharing my thoughts and experiences in real time will help the next group of student partners that come behind me. 

Signing off for now,

Caleesha Moore

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