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Interview with Charlie Fink. XR Expert, The Future Of Work

By: Jade Patterson

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Media Monday Notes: The Future Of Work

On August 7th Media Monday’s hostess and entrepreneur L. Michelle Salvant interviewed author, original concept creator of “Lion King”, and President of AG & Blue Mountain Charlie Fink.

In the mid 90’s Fink was the COO of a location-based VR company that was co- owned by Disney.

Fink did a brief explanation on how his original idea of “The Lion King” came to be. Fink also spoke about his many entertainment and augmented reality endeavors within his 60 years of life during the interview.

“We were trying to do theme park in a box,” Fink said, “You would see other people piloting their vehicles and interact, you can fight you can race.”

Fink Spoke about his thesis or study that he wrote about in his first book. He stated that “The development of Virtual reality is following the development pattern of the personal computer,” Fink explained. “It’ll take 20 years for it to penetrate 25% of American households and I think it’s just about on schedule.”

Fink enjoyed speaking of his career and seeing how Disney partners with people such as editors, animators, writers, and more. “Who knew the most consequential thing of my life would be done when I was a 27-year-old junior executive.” Fink expressed. “I’m happy at my age to still be relevant and help people achieve these incredible digital dreams.”

In these times of a pandemic, the things a lot of us are used to has changed. And has become the new norm but, that hasn’t stopped the growth of technology, if anything there has been an advancement and a high increase in virtual communication. During the interview Salvant ask Fink where he thinks we’re heading.

“We’re just at the beginning of coping with its problems, Fink stated. “The stock market has boomed while masses of people are unemployed, I think this is going to play out over years.” Fink touched on the topic of failing businesses and how later he feels we haven’t begun to see the real estate and mortgage failures that are going to stem from the COVID pandemic.