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June Will Be The Month of Release

An update about my internship with L. Michelle Media  by Ezi Emenike 

Due to the pandemic, L. and I have been unable to meet face to face for most of my internship. I feel so lucky to have had an 'experienceship' with L.MichelleMedia Company during this turbulent time because most of my work is virtual.  I am a high functioning individual, and this job has provided stability to my life. The pandemic placed a few of my friends in a position where they were unable to work or intern at their respective organizations this summer. This makes me more appreciative of the timing of my apprenticeship with L. This Friday, I had an exciting meeting with L. Michelle. Our meeting left me feeling motivated. We talked about media, branding, content creation, and many other topics. We came up with plans for June, the most important of those being--- START. Whatever ideas we come up with, we have to be committed to starting the project. Often we may have an idea, or maybe we’ve even begun to create content for it, but we become 'constipated with content' (insert hyperlink to the content constipation video if possible). Our ideas get backed up. We may get off track, but it is not ok for us to sit on our content. This month, I want to make sure I release more content than ever before. I am excited to work on different projects with L. Michelle. I will be helping with the JCPublicityApp, which I think is the coolest thing that this internship has exposed me to. Helping develop tools for a Media Coaching app is too cool! I am ready to release my ideas into the world. Do you feel like you've been constipated with your content?