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Real Positive Teens Made This Teen Positive

An update on my internship with L. Michelle Media by Ezi Emenike

This week, I focused on what content creators do best----maintaining. I tried to maintain a presence on social media while juggling things outside of my internship, such as my final exam week. I also had the honor of participating in the Real Positive Teen’s weekly Instagram live. My participation started out of my interest in making a personal Instagram page. I had been struggling to set aside time to really focus on myself. L., like the awesome mentor she is, decided to turn this into a task. She pushed me to create a new Instagram page so that she could be interviewed for the livestream on Friday. We had all week to promote the page, and before Friday, I had already gained 80  followers! At 2 pm on Friday, L. finally interviewed me. I shared my advice on how to be a successful student in middle and high school. The space was so positive. I loved being able to connect with the broader community and truly make a difference. That was something I worried about when I decided to pursue this career. I was worried that I wouldn’t be doing anything meaningful, that I wouldn’t be able to truly make a tangible difference in the lives of those around me. But The Teen Success Academy, with the help of L. Michelle, opened my eyes to the purposeful relationship that communications can have with helping my community.  I have my last two exams today, and I will make sure that I stay on my hustle!