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Making My Life Film: Week Three

By Lindsey Britton

Time. It can be a blessing and a curse.

The days people enjoy the most end like the speed of light, and some days seem so slow, you feel that the day couldn't end any slower.

Everyone can agree that time is not our friend, so we have to live our best lives in the present, taking things day by day.

As students and I come close to the end of the program, to many, it feels like yesterday that we had our first picture, the first meeting, and even introduced ourselves.

For week three of filming, participants needed to film their day. We were all scheduled to film on Wednesday and film from sunup to sundown.

What is the point of doing that?

Well, I will explain.  The purpose of doing that was to see what everyone did on that day. It was to show how similar or how different a person's day could go. We were even able to find out many similarities between each other, which made us closer.

At our meeting, you could feel the sense of connection between us, as if we got closer to each other. Some had similar habits, and others had days utterly different from each other.

Filming for me on that day was a typical day, but significant at the same time.

The day was productive but calm, and I could even eat delicious food for a special occasion. During the last week of Black History Month, and some of the most well-known, family-run, Black restaurants in Tallahassee had deals throughout the week as a celebration of black success.

That is special to me because I was able to capture and save those moments.

Before the program, I would have savored the moment, and it would eventually fade from my mind as life continues to happen.

With the Spectacles and this program, I can cherish those interactions and look back on the day where each participant, including myself, felt closer to one another.

Yes, time isn't our friend, but it is how you spend your time each day that makes each special.

My message to those reading is to live life to the fullest and cherish every moment.