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Making My Life Film: Week Two

By Lindsey Britton 

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As a part of the “Making Your Life Film” program, the second week was to show how I am learning. Whether it is through zoom-university or face-to-face, with as little contact to others as possible. 


Sounds easy, right? Well, I don’t want to disappoint, but it was a little tricky. 


Being a young journalist, I see myself as a creative person, and during week two, it was challenging to film. Showing how I learned became repetitive. I wanted to offer more than just me staring into my computer for a lecture. 


 I had to sit back and realize that what people say about themselves and what they do in life can positively and negatively affect me. 


The more I told myself, “This recording is bad,” or “My life is boring, how can people enjoy this,” I would believe that the work I was producing was weak and not progressing. 


In actuality, that was the complete opposite. The second week of the program had a lot of ups and downs. 


From constant power outages to waking up late for classes and even going to work, my week was not easy, but it was not terrible either. 


After watching how I speak in the recordings, I created a new habit of speaking positively and looking at things differently with a more uplifting attitude. 


Yes, I am showing the world how I learn. However, I see this experience as showcasing how I learn mentally, emotionally, and even the literal meaning. 


This week taught me that I’m learning to get my education and graduate, as well as learning more about myself and my habits.