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Making My Life Film: Week One

By Lindsey Britton

@retrofit_records is ready for business. Taken by Retrofit Records

(@retrofit_records is ready for business. Taken by Retrofit Records. )

Since writing my first blog post about being excited to be a part of the program, I have officially completed one week of recording.

After the first week of filming, I'm still uncomfortable talking in the mirror and recording myself. I'm still getting used to finding new ways to make my life film visually pleasing to the people who will watch it.

Slowly but surely, I'm learning new things about myself and what I enjoy in life. Looking back on these clips and the moments I have with my family and friends is just something that I never considered I would hold so close to my heart.

The program has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I have discovered new and exciting things about Tallahassee.

For instance, While recording my day, I suddenly had the urge to buy a record player, and while doing my research, I found a black-owned vinyl store with everything from the early 70s to a City Girls record.

While walking in the store, it felt like I found my niche. The good vibes and considerate people I encountered that day instantly put a smile on my face. While reviewing the clips, it felt like I re-lived entering the small and cozy establishment.

That is just my experience while filming, but it is more profound than just having fun for others in the program but change and recovery.

Kaia Miller, a participant in the program, talked about the significance of making her life film while going through the road to recovery.

"In this program, while using the specs, I plan to document my recovery after a slip and fall accident where I broke my femur bone," Miller said. "I feel it's important to record different things over the next few weeks for us to go back and learn from them."

Miller also talked about her time, stating that it was a new but not too tricky experience.

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Like Miller and myself, the program is fun to everyone who participates, but it's also a way for people to heal, for people to learn new things, and most importantly, rediscovering yourself.

The inside of the small and cozy vinyl store. Taken by  Retrofit Records. @ retrofit_records.

(The inside of the small and cozy vinyl store. Taken by Retrofit Records. @ retrofit_records.)