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The Harmoneous Relationship Between Career Choice and Purpose  

A one month update on my internship with L. Michelle by Ezi Emenike

The work I did this week was exciting, fun, and exactly what I love to do. L. wanted me to capture, edit, and post video footage of a client. It was fun to put together a video shoot. I helped with hair and makeup, assisted in picking out a fashionable outfit, picked specific talking points, and challenged the client to be as engaging as possible. We took multiple takes. Each one would soon be better than the last. In all, this week made me fall more in love with my major --- communications. I enjoy cultivating a message not only through words but through details.  Non-verbal body language, lighting, framing, eyesight, and much more all work in harmony to emphasize a message. On Facebook, the video was well-received. This week, this internship has helped to boost my self-esteem. My internship is proving to bring value and purpose to my life. Jobs can be viewed as an exchange of value. When someone values the skills of another and the other benefits from the purpose that those skills bring to their life, a healthy working relationship flourishes.  How does your job bring value to your life?