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    LMichelleMedia Company

    EDTech, training & coaching, Character based programming

    This track is designed for learners who want to sharpen their skills in the area of Emerging Media, Creative learning & Social content and Media training & coaching. Learners will work on a variety of projects including online shows, creative learning activities, Augmented and Virtual Reality Project Consulting and more. Learners will be required to research, develop, and execute projects on a weekly basis. Workload: Heavy

    Beyond ME Productions

    Stories of faith & The African American Experience

    This track is an intensive production track geared towards creating unique stories surrounding Christian Faith and The African American Experience. Learners are exposed to every stage of story development from concept to distribution. Beyond ME Productions is the Non-profit branch of LMichelleMedia. Learners will also see first hand how funding and talent is acquired for the various projects. Workload: Seasonally Heavy


    media ministry methods/real world application

    This track is designed for learners who want to use the most cutting edge Media methods to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Includes app management, and social community building. Also includes coaching and outreach projects. Workload: Varies

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