• LMichelleMedia Institute

    Our Official Online Learning Environment

  • Learn...Serve...Train

    We Make Life Media-Friendly

    The Highest Level of Learning Is Doing!(Educator Motto)

    Our classes are developed from New Media/Life trends. They are all online. Our goal is for you to learn the trends, do the trends and use the trends to help you reach the people you need to reach. We are currently offering (4) unique classes.

    A Life of Service Is A Life Of Freedom!(Life Motto)

    We are always in need of volunteers. In fact, every LMichelleMedia project has room for you to help. We do have two rules though...

    1. Be Open To Learn

    2. Be Open To Serve

    (P.S. Don't take these opportunities for granted)

    To Master It Takes At Least 10,000 Hours! (Malcolm Gladwell)

    And, we can definitely help you reach that goal. This opportunity, works much like an internship, Typically training times range from 3-6 months. You will be assigned to one project.

    Primarily for those wanting Internship Credit or Resume Building

  • Worth Noting

    The LMichelleMedia Institute began in 2013 as a way to offer Relevant and Forward thinking New Media Trainings, Workshops, Experiences for everyday people, small business owners and Faith-based leaders across the Tallahassee, FL area. As of Fall 2017, the Institute has expanded to serve a more global audience through its online lab powered by Google Classroom. Now we can truly serve people anywhere in the world.

    Start Learning!